Property Data Evolved 

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There’s a new era in visualising property & demographic information ahead.  MacroPlan have turned to the skies in the form of an online cloud mapping solution called MapCloud.

We offer a simple interface for our clients to access a suite of visual data tools that gives unprecedented access to up-to-date information anywhere, anytime.

Subscription to Mapcloud services will enable users to see data mapped on their own handheld devices and PCs without having to engage or wait

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Mapping Products

> Site identification and review tool
> Custom market and data analysis tool

A MacroPlan Initiative


For over 30 years MacroPlan have been market leaders in property research, offering tailored solutions to our clients.

Our business is a unique blend of planning, economics, retail and advisory built on the foundations of sound data and market intelligence.


Our offices extend throughout Australia; including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth, and our property knowledge is underpinned by our broad bank of national experience. 


In today's digital age, big data combined with mobile technology has began to revolutionise the way we do business. At MacroPlan we see the future in cloud based technology, giving clients access to a variety of data on demand.


We don't seek to  replace the value provided by a deep understanding of economics and planning, but look to create value for our clients by integrating a vast network of data into two easily accessible online portals.


With mapcloud, we seek to provide innovation through new ways of finding solutions to client problems.  


We offer tailored 1 year subscription options to to suit all types of client requirements. Whether your business seeks access to base data layers for simple analysis through to sophisticated custom data sets we have a package to suit you.

1. Basic

2. Strategy

3. Professional

4. Corporate 

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